Monday, 20 May 2013


Beanie - Main character of Smarty Bean.  A bean who is cheery and loves learning something new everyday.  From the original story, Beanie meets Maple and Acorn in his journey, and become good friends with them.

Despite how much of a tree or vegetable Maple looks like, Maple is a seed from a maple tree.  Like other maple seeds, Maple is a born flyer who can spiral and glide with his wings like helicopters.

Acorn is the energetic one within the group.  His surprisingly hard head often creates great ideas.  The concept of Acorn as an artist comes from the shape of his head, for it looks much like a beret, an artist's hat.

Berry earns his nick name 'Berry Jumps-a-lot' from all the jumping he does.  Berry enjoys laughing happily as he jumps.

* Berry is not from the original story.

Pod Pod is quite the quiet one.  The pod like seed likes playing hide and seek.  Pod Pod often confuses himself with Christmas trees.

* Pod Pod is not from the original story.

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