Smarty Bean is an educational app for children ages 2-5years of age. The exercises are developed to help the development of children’s Attention, Memorization, Hand-Eye Coordination, Visuospatial Skills and more. The app is created to be easily understood by children with a simple instruction at the beginning of each exercise.

The app features a drawing book where children can draw and save their picture for future viewing. The writing exercises are also saved in the drawing book for progress monitoring. Parents may also utilize the built-in share on Facebook feature to share their children’s work with friends and family.


The character - Beanie's original concept is based on our story of a seed looking for his mother.

Original Story:
A seed (Beanie) that was living well in a corner within the forest who one day questioned his roots. With the information he gathered from an elder tree in the forest, Beanie discovered that he came from a river stream on a rainy day. Beanie decided to pack his bags and go on an adventure looking for his family. Along the way, he met many different creatures and plants and learned about cycle of life. Beanie became friends with maple seed and an acorn and they decided to join him on his journey to finding his roots. After many ups and downs, they finally made it to Beanie’s mother tree. To his surprise, Beanie’s mother was not happy to see him and told him that there was a reason for him being where he was and he should go back. In the end, Beanie learned that there is a reason for everything, though sometimes we think we know what we want, but what we want isn't the always the best for us.

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